The Long and Fulfilling Process of Songwriting

Writing and recording new original music is a very long and fulfilling process. For me as a songwriter, it usually starts with a catchy riff, sound, or melody in my head that I proceed to learn on the guitar. Once the sound is refined, I start to build around it--usually with an introduction, verse, chorus, and bridge part. The lyrics either come during or after the song is structured (though, sometimes the lyrics come before the music--but not as often for me). After all of this, I have a draft of a song. But it never fails, as good as I think the song sounds at this juncture, it always sounds better after getting the input from the band. Tony, Lisa, Bill, and Mark take my song draft, and add their unique style, flavor, and creativity to create something that sounds better than I initially imagined. This collaboration process usually takes time, with larger contributions coming early on, then smaller tweaks here and there as the band learns the song. At long last, we are happy with how the song sounds playing it live, and it's time to take it into the studio!

We track our songs one piece at a time, starting with the rhythm section--drums then bass, then rhythm guitars, keys, vocals, lead guitars, backup vocals, and finally harmonies. During the process of recording, we add things that cannot be added during live performance of the songs; like additional guitar tracks, vocal parts, other instruments, etc. This process of tracking can be time consuming, especially because sometimes we do not know exactly what we want to add until listening to the tracks over and over. We collectively listen to the song hundreds of times over the course of the tracking, mixing, and mastering process, to fine tune individual elements of the song, sometimes causing us to re-track parts to make things fit right.

Finally, after everybody is happy with the song, we call it good!!! The process is long and sometimes tiresome, we all have our jobs, families, and personal lives which are prioritized before the music; but absolutely fulfilling to have a completed song in hand that was created from nothing but an idea from a sound, and a group of very talented and creative individuals! We have finally completed our first two songs as the Rugged Soul Project, and now are back in the studio to begin the long and fulfilling process all over again! We really hope you enjoy the music!

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